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Beta needed

Hi, I currently have an Alex/Yassen fic that's very close to finishing (I'm just having some trouble with finding a closing right now but it's basically 99% done), anyway I was wondering if there was anyone out there who's free now and can beta-read the fic for me. Maybe give me some suggestions for the last line/paragraph too if possible. I'd really really appreciate the help.

The fic is inspired by After the End of the World by Silver Queen, the fic is basically an AU where Alex loses in Skeleton Key and Sarov manages to blow up the Kola Peninsular and then take over Russia and established the New Soviet Union. The fic is set 7 years later with Alex growing up as Sarov's adopted son and joining the military and becoming Lieutenant Alexander Alexeiovich Sarov.

The fic is NC-17 and contains some violent sex between Alex and Yassen.

Please please please pretty please beta read for me. Also, I know you're doing me a favour but please tell me exactly when you can have it done if you beta read it. I've been left hanging for months by beta readers on several occasions and i really don't want that to happen again.


Jun. 10th, 2010 08:48 am (UTC)
Oh thank you... i've been wondering about the ending all day and whether it was a bit too weird hehe.

And uh, i'll pm you my email then since you don't seem to have a mediafire account.