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Name: Cathleen , or ghubabey on ff.net :)

Age: pretty young.

Location: In theatres near you

Other main fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, H.I.V.E., Viewfinder, Loveless, all that awesome anime crap.

Preferred Alex Rider ships: Alex/male, preferably Yassen or K-Unit or James, i'm pretty easy-going in the fandom seeing as there is not much slash.

How did you get into Alex Rider?: I picked up Scorpia one day, and I never put it back down. (forgive me I always read backwards, never the first book first.)

How did you find yassen_alex?: Searched it up on google, never thought of searching LJ.

Opinion: Books vs movie: Books probably -- I haven't watched the movie yet. I think the books are just much more exciting-- and there's less Sabrina, so that's a bonus.

Favourite Alex Rider book: Point Blank (I have an obsession with academies/schools), or Ark Angel.

Do you write/draw/vid/other stuff?: I write, and I draw, but not much of AR yet. I'll probably make some fanart for him later. :)

AR text icons

Hope you guys like them... I got 1 with a quote from Crocodiles Tears but nothing spoilery.... just to warn you.

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Spyfest 2.0!

I hope the lovely mods will allow this through, for the encouragement of beautiful slashfic within our fandom!

Sign-ups for Spyfest 2.0 are now open! Spyfest is open to both novice and seasoned authors and welcomes contributions of all genres and ratings. Sign-ups will be open until 19th December 2009 so that you will receive your assignments in time for the seasonal festivities.

Sign-ups are here - please make sure you read the rules and the guide to participating in a fic exchange!

Stories from the very successful Spyfest 2009 (including Y/A goodies!) are available to read here.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail the ARchive for more information -- we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Nov. 22nd, 2009

Title: Torment
Author: laurakyna
Rating: R
Summary: It was going to be a very long day, but they both loved it so much.
Word Count: 750ish
Warning: Adult content, bdsm, slash,
Author’s Note: This is my first Alex Rider fanfic, first slash and first bdsm fic. Even my first fic that's been adult rated, so please be nice. Apparently it's good though, so I hope you'll all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it...


It's published under the username 'imagineaworld' on ffn, but it's also on my livejournal -but you need to be my friend to read it on there.

Intro and a question

I have finally worked out how to post here, but I can't be bothered to introduced myself- if you really want to know, click on my name and find out...

A question: I have a Alex/Yassen fanfic that i want to post on this community. How?
The reason is that I've noticed that all the fanfics are links to smewhere else, but where? Someone help me! PLEASE!

Frisson: Scars (R)

Title: Frisson: Scars
Author: annephoenix
Rating: PG
Summary: " ... for a few precious hours his damaged skin had been the object of reverence."
Word Count: 700
Warning: None
Author’s Note: Written for the flash_rider community’s fifth challenge prompt, "Scars" & part of the Frisson series. Beta read by hpstrangelove - any remaining mistakes are mine!

Frisson: Scars


omg finally done macroing ENTIRE BOOK W0000T!!!




Name: Sirhin, obviously. ;)
Age: I'm of legal age. Gosh that made me feel old.
Location: US of A
Other main fandoms: I skip around but they include Harry Potter and Death Note.
Preferred Alex Rider ships: The fact that I joined this community gives a hint, yeah? At least either this or none at all.
How did you get into Alex Rider?: I like spies. I like action. I was in a library a couple years back and I picked up Stormbreaker and everything followed rather nicely after that.
How did you find [info]yassen_alex?: I searched lj.
Opinion: Books vs movie: Depends on my mood but they both have their upsides. Books are more detailed but movies always have their moments.
Favourite Alex Rider book: Hm... most probably Scorpia.
Do you write/draw/vid/other stuff?: I write... but not in a while. Been on a break - too much stress from school and a huge writer's block - but I do read. A lot.


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